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whatismesummary – The Hummingbirds’ Foundation for M.E.

whatismesummary – The Hummingbirds’ Foundation for M.E.

whatismesummary – The Hummingbirds’ Foundation for M.E..

.What Is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis?

Dr Byron Hyde in Canada has definite ideas

we assume he uses good science

to be fair most of what I’ve read  seems to me to be very good research.

where you shall find his link to his Nightingale  Definition of M.E….a pdf file.

then there’s

with links to Drs Dowsett & Ramsay

& others.

.Dr Rob Yates, who worked in the Sudan in the midst of their famine keeping as many children & babies alive as he could Later he worked at the local Aboriginal Co-op where, one Sat arvo he was on call doc and took a phone call from my then partner.

He came to the house & after taking a look at me lying collapsed in the bed and rang an ambulance and the hospital and I was admitted pronto!  I have very vague recollection of that  day, except relief to have finally found a doctor who didn’t just dismiss me as hysterically neurotic.

He later said if I’d been left in that bed another 24 hours without treatment I’d have died…3 & a half years: bronchitis, pneumonia lung infections coughing blood diarrhoea vomitting and so so so much pain

and not one so called doctor in the area would put a stethoscope to my chest.  just tell me to go back to the psychiatrist…and the shrink who was crazier than his patients saying What are you coming to me for? Go see a GP.

And this almost killed me.

To Dr Rob Yates I owe my life.  He not only made sure I didn’t die just yet, he also got me out of bed, onto my feet, move into my own house (away from the ex) and take up the reins of being a real mother to my toddler daughter..

Under his care my illness gained a name.



blue milk

The surname changing thing has loooooong fascinated me as a feminist and the conversation is back, again, and it’s as lively as ever.

From Jill Filipovic in The Guardian  with “Why should married women change their names? Let men change theirs” :

That is fundamentally why I oppose changing your name (and why I look forward to the wider legalization of same-sex marriage, which in addition to just being good and right, will challenge the idea that there are naturally different roles for men and women within the marital unit). Identities matter, and the words we put on things are part of how we make them real. There’s a power in naming that feminists and social justice activists have long highlighted. Putting a word to the most obvious social dynamics is the first step toward ending inequality. Words like “sexism” and “racism” make clear that different treatment based on…

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No Place For Sheep

Some weeks ago my fellow tweep, writer and philosopher Dr Damon Young, posted this cheerful image of himself naked from the waist up on Twitter, and on his website.

Damon Young

It was around the time many of us were becoming highly exercised at David Koch’s unfortunate take on public breastfeeding. Breasts were a thing, or even more of a thing than usual because if it’s a thing you’re seeking, you can’t go past breasts.

This coincidence of Damon and David stirred my outrage, albeit for very different reasons. I’ve addressed my Koch angst here.

If Damon can plonk images of his torso all over the interwebs, I railed, without fear of any consequences other than some good-natured joshing, why can’t I? Because no matter how much anybody tells me I can, I don’t think it is actually so.

Damon’s image is unadorned, taken, I imagine, as he paused…

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