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Well written Gladly…Bravo! and thank you Chrys
I also recommend watching the excellent Youtube clip of the Prime Minister included in this blog.

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

I watched Q&A in absolute horror last night as the Federal Minister for Employment, Kate Ellis, was the subject of one of the worst displays of misogynistic disrespect and bullying I’ve ever seen  – not excluding my many years observing Olympic standard misogynistic bullying in action in various sales meetings and boardrooms throughout corporate Australia.

I was so sickened by the actions of Liberal MP, Christopher Pyne, former ALP MHR, Lindsay Tanner and Daily Telegraph columnist, Piers Akerman that I allocated an inordinate amount of time to compiling a detailed analysis of the Q&A transcript.

Regular readers will remember that this is a device I used following the misogynistic remarks made about Catherine Deveny’s recent Q&A appearance.

You can watch Monday night’s show here.

In what looked for all the world like a trio of blood-thirsty wolves cornering a deer, Pyne, Tanner  and Akerman did everything they could to prevent…

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