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It has been a long while since I blogged and I apologise to followers who must have surely given up on me by now.

In October last year my partner was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  We were hopeful he would live longer but in the very early hours of 10 July he lost the fight and passed away.  Sooner than anyone expected.

Bob was a good man, an honest man, and my true gentleman.

my heart is still shattered.  will be for a long time yet.  maybe forever.

one day at a time.  some days I’m okay.  other days. and nights. it all crashes down again and the tears flow and flow.

and have no idea about Where To From Here.

Time will tell I guess.

In the meantime please be patient with me…I will get back to blogging seriously sooner…

                                       …or later.



View from window

Mother lights the Sabbath candles
and all the children stand around her
they cast a glance to the candlesticks
full of light and warmth and love

Mother gives a blessing ‘Shabbat Shalom’
and mother prays ‘Shabbat Shalom’
Mother wishes ‘Shabbat Shalom’
to all her family

Mother lights the Sabbath candles
she closes and covers her eyes
and all the children slowly, slowly
whisper a prayer in their hearts

Mother lights the Sabbath candles
and the sun is already turned towards the sea
dusk will fall from above
but light will remain in our homes forever.


1 Chronicles 16.


And they brought the ark of God in and set it in the tent David had pitched for it, and presented burnt-offerings and welfare-sacrifices before God.  And when David finished offering the burnt-offering and welfare sacrifices he blessed the people in the name of Jehovah,  and distributed to all the men of Israel, women as well as men, a biscuit apiece and a steak and a cake of raisins.

          And he put before the ark of Jehovah some of the Levites as attendants and to sing for the memorial and give thanks and praise  to Israel’s God Jehovah:  Asaph the head, and second under him Zecariah, Jeíel and Shemiramoth and Jehiel and Mattithiah and Eliab  and Benajah  and ‘Obed-Edom and Jeíel, with instruments, harps and lyres and Asasp sounding cymbals, and the priests Benajah and Jahaziel  with perpetual trumpets before the ark of God’s covenant.  On that day David then first put the giving of thanks to Jehovah into the hands of Asaph and his brothers.


“Thank Jehovah, proclaim his name,

     make known among the people his deeds.

Sing for him, make music for him,


      review all his wonders,

Boast of his holy name,

     let the hearts of those who seek Jehovah be glad.


Look to Jehovah and his strength;

always be looking for his face.

Remember his wonders that he has done,

     his miracles and the judgments of his mouth,

You descendants of his servant Israel,

     sons of Jacob,  his chosen ones.

He is our God Jehovah,

     his judgments run throughout the earth.

Forever remember his covenant,

     the word that he commanded for a thousand years,

Which he undertook with Abraham,

     and Isaac had his oath,

And he confirmed it to be a decree for Jacob,

     a perpetual covenant for Israel,

‘To you I will give Canaan

     as your definite estate,’

When they were few in number,

     a mere handful, and immigrants in it.

And going about from nation to nation,

     and from a kingdom to another people.

He did not let any man deny them justice,

     but reproved kings on their account,

‘Do not touch my anointed ones

     nor harm my prophets.’

Sing for Jehovah, all the earth!

     Tell the good news of his salvation day after day.

Tell the tale of his glory among the nations,

     among all the peoples his wondrous feats,

Because Jehovah is great and high-praised,

     and he is terrible over all gods,

For all the peoples’ gods are trumperies,

     but Jehovah made the skies.

Majesty and splendour are before him,

     strength and glee in the place where he is.

Give to Jehovah, clans of peoples,

     give to Jehovah glory and might!

Give to Jehovah the glory that belongs to his name,

     carry as offering, and come in before him.

Do reverence to Jehovah in stately sacred garb;

     tremble before him, all the earth,

          be the world established too, not to be disturbed,

Let the heavens be glad and the earth jubilant,

     and let them say among the nations ‘Jehovah is king!’

Let the sea and what fills it thunder,

     let the fields and everything in them exalt,

Then let the trees on the rocks shout,

     before Jehovah, because he has come to judge the earth!

Thank Jehovah, because he is good,

     because his friendship lasts forever,

And let them say ‘Save us, God of our salvation,

     and gather us and deliver us out of the nations,

To give thanks to your holy name,

     to glory in your praise.

Blessed be Israel’s God Jehovah

     for eternity to eternity.'”

And all the people said “Amen” and gave praise to Jehovah.


     And he left there before the ark of Jehovah’s covenant Asaph and his brothers to officiate regularly before the ark, giving the daily service each day, and ‘Obed-Edom the son of Jeduthun and Hosah and their brothers, sixty-eight of them, for gatemen; and before Jehovah’s tabernacle at the height in Gibeon Priest Sadok to offer burnt-offerings to Jehovah on the altar of burnt-offering regularly morning and evening, and for everything that is written in Jehovah’s code which he commanded to Israel, and with them Heman and Jeduthun and the remainder of the sifted men who have been specified by name, to give thanks to Jehovah because his friendship lasts forever, and with them trumpets and cymbals for sounding and the instruments for the sacred songs, and Jeduthun’s sons for the gate.  And all the people went to their several houses, and David went around to bless his family.



It’s been an interesting year. 2012

today is:  7th of Tevet, 5773.

A lovely day, warm, sunny at last, after days of rain.

Softened by a cool light playful breeze.

The leeks are in flower. And the purple bouquets are abuzz with bees,

happily drinking leek nectar.

And the garlic too is beginning to flower…2 bright mauvy red heads.  I only planted two cloves.

The chinise cabbage is growing fast.  Lately I’ve taken up searching through the leaves, picking off green caterpillars.  I don’t kill them.  Instead I move them to a pile of weeds on the other side of the yard, where  they can munch as much as they like.

There’s half a dozen tomato plants. These are bushing out and growing taller.  Saw a yellow flower on one, so soon, in a couple of weeks there should be lots more.  These plants are grown from seeds collected from tomatoes we bought from Mannies’.

The parsley seeds didn’t grow…but I expected that as they were a couple of years old.

I’m much happier with the row of spring onions.  Big enough now to use with meals & needing thinning out.

To one side potatoes also sprouting, bushing up & out. 

And I’ve prepared a couple of small gaps for the celery plants I hope to transplant out of pots.

I intend to go out there with the camera later, maybe post some pics.

For now though, I need to relax with my feet up for a while .