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Some, but by no means all, psychiatrists think they know what M.E. is.  “All in the head” though they mean Mind;  “Hysterical Conversion Syndrome ” where the womb wanders around the body in self-induced punishment for all those presumed guilt feelings you didn’t know you had; “Atypical depression”  depression that doesn’t fit the definition of Depression…instead of feeling  listless, apathetic &/or suicidal, your body fatigues easily & you feel aches & pains and it’s being stuck in bed instead of outside enjoying the lovely weather that gets you down; and half a hundred other neuroses.  Or they say it doesn’t actually exists and call it Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, which they remind us also doesn’t exist.  Not outside of the patient’s mind anyhow.

There’s  a lot of money to be made looking down your nose at poor unfortunate physically ill people and telling them to change their thinking…then blaming them for not trying hard enough when it doesn’t cure them, or stubbornly refusing to listen to the all-seeing all-knowing god who has only their best interests at heart (at a price, of course).  So much money, in fact, many psychiatrists have become millionaires, basking in the media limelight,  as they propound inappropriate (some dangerous) treatments and prescribe a vast array of mind altering drugs, and advise governments on how to save money by spending it on further mistreatment of their victims.

But even within the “profession” there are quite a few psychiatrists who don’t subscribe to the neurotic mis-diagnosis.  They KNOW what M.E. is…or rather, what it isn’t.  It isn’t a psychiatric illness, isn’t a form of depression or hysteria or any other neurotic mental condition.  This mob may never get to be millionaires but they do have the respect of their patients.  Even if they mean CFS when they say M.E. and often don’t undersand the difference.


Between shrinks and between shrinks and real doctors there is a lot of confusion about the disease, and all sorts of rubbish emanates from both.

The quickest way to tell if your doctor or shrink hasn’t got a clue?  They will hand you a prescription for anti-depressants.  This won’t cure your problem but it will make the “expert” feel better….and contribute to his/her wealth fund.