Monthly Archives: March 2012

Not All of me is about M.E.


For some people M.E. tends to take over their actions, their thinking, their whole lives whereby the disease takes centre stage. Everything they do or think is with M.E. dictating what they do, how they think.

I’ve never been able to do this.  To tell the truth, while M.E. has had a major impact on my life, I simply cannot sustain an all-consuming interest in it.  Yes, I have to endure  severe limitations.  Yes, I am aware it could finally kill me tomorrow, today, the next time I struggle to stand & walk across the room.  But I cannot  concentrate, all the time, on being careful…not eat this, not do that, not worry about the other, etc…in case.  There are too many wondrous things,  too many things outside of illness, non-M.E. stuff.  Science, politics, environment,  people, an entire Universe in which M.E. is such a tiny tiny part…or plays no part at all.


I am not my illness.  So do not be surprised if what I blog about has nothing at all to do with M.E.


 My attempts at raising awareness, putting forth my viewpoint my experience I will certainly return to, again and again…yet if you are hoping ONLY M.E. blogs here, you will be disappointed.


There is much much much more to me than M.E.