Well written Gladly…Bravo! and thank you Chrys
I also recommend watching the excellent Youtube clip of the Prime Minister included in this blog.

Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

I watched Q&A in absolute horror last night as the Federal Minister for Employment, Kate Ellis, was the subject of one of the worst displays of misogynistic disrespect and bullying I’ve ever seen  – not excluding my many years observing Olympic standard misogynistic bullying in action in various sales meetings and boardrooms throughout corporate Australia.

I was so sickened by the actions of Liberal MP, Christopher Pyne, former ALP MHR, Lindsay Tanner and Daily Telegraph columnist, Piers Akerman that I allocated an inordinate amount of time to compiling a detailed analysis of the Q&A transcript.

Regular readers will remember that this is a device I used following the misogynistic remarks made about Catherine Deveny’s recent Q&A appearance.

You can watch Monday night’s show here.

In what looked for all the world like a trio of blood-thirsty wolves cornering a deer, Pyne, Tanner  and Akerman did everything they could to prevent…

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About M.E. In The 21st Century

At time of writing, I live in Oz, am a 61 y o grandmother, have had M.E. for about 33 years along with Fibromyalgia and Bilateral Tenosynovitis, among other health problems. The blog isn't really about me. Sure some of it will be, but mostly it's about M.E. and how it affects people who have it, and the ways M.E. patients are treated (or not treated) by the medical profession, allied health industry, disability groups, and their families & friends. There will be other subjects commented upon too. I really cannot, refuse to, concentrate on just one area of interest to the exclusion of everything else. I intend to update this info later.

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