They are LEEKS!


I went down to the vegie garden yesterday. 

The day was sunny if cool.  A good day for being outside; after several long days stuck in bed.


I took the camera with me and one days soon Í hope to post a few pics.

The oniony things have grown into strong healthy leeks.  And I counted and there’s 40 of them…some smaller others bigger.


with a fork I moved some compost mulch onto a patch where small potatoes are growning … kitchen peelings sprouting.

Bob tidied up some rubbish off the lawn, most of this were pieces of wood now stacked neatly in a small pile by the fence.


A good day with the frost from the night before sparkling  in the sunlight … rainbow & silver… and the leek leaves, velvet green leaves beaded with the most beautiful fairy diamonds.  Flashing colours in magnificent display.


I took some photos but a quick look & it seems I didn’t capture the rainbows…just look like water drops on a leaf.  we’ll see …

Never had this problem with proper might be good for a lot of things…but not for sparkle 

About M.E. In The 21st Century

At time of writing, I live in Oz, am a 61 y o grandmother, have had M.E. for about 33 years along with Fibromyalgia and Bilateral Tenosynovitis, among other health problems. The blog isn't really about me. Sure some of it will be, but mostly it's about M.E. and how it affects people who have it, and the ways M.E. patients are treated (or not treated) by the medical profession, allied health industry, disability groups, and their families & friends. There will be other subjects commented upon too. I really cannot, refuse to, concentrate on just one area of interest to the exclusion of everything else. I intend to update this info later.

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