Pell’s Mell


Isaiah 66: 1–6

Says Jehovah, The sky is my throne and the earth my footstool:  what house is there that you should build for me, and what place that should be my resting-place? and all these things my hands made and these things all came to be, quoth Jehovah.  But at this I look, at one who is submissive and dashed in spirit, and is alarmed at a word of mine.  The one who slaughters a bull is killing a man; the one who sacrifices a sheep is breaking a dog’s neck; the one who makes an offering puts on hog’s blood; the one who presents a memorial of frankincense blesses mythical beings.  They have chosen their own ways, and their fancy takes to those disgusting objects of theirs; so I will choose ways to pester them and will bring them the objects of their terror, since I called and there was nobody that answered, I spoke and they did not listen, and they did what I disliked and chose what I have no fancy for.


Listen to Jehovah’s word, you who are alarmed at a word of his:  your brothers who hate you, who excommunicate you because of my name, say “Let Jehovah be something glorious and let us have a sight of your gladness”—but they will be brought to shame.  A sound of hubbub in the city, a sound from the temple—the sounds of Jehovah paying off his enemies!


Micah 3: 5–7


Says Jehovah about the prophets that mislead my people, that bite with their teeth and proclaim peace, and against him who does not put something in their mouths they declare war:  Therefore you shall have night cutting off vision and darkness cutting off soothsaying, and the sun shall go down on the prophets and the day turn black over them, and they shall all veil their lips, because there is no answer from God.




Micah 6″: 1—8


Listen to what Jehovah is saying:  “Stand up, upbraid the mountains and let the hills hear your voice.  Listen, mountains, to Jehovah’s upbraiding, and give ear, foundation of earth, because Jehovah has a case against his people and is having it out with Israel.  My people, what have I done to you and how have I overtasked you? testify against me.  For I brought you up out of Egypt and ransomed you out of the slave-quarters, and sent before you Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.  My people, remember what King Balak of Moab proposed and what answer Balaam the son of Beór gave him, and from the Acacias to the Gilgal, in order to know Jehovah’s loyal work.”  With what shall I advance to Jehovah, pay homage to the transcendent God?  shall I advance to him with burnt-offerings, with yearling calves? will Jehovah accept thousands of rams, millions of rivers of oil? shall I give my eldest son for my crime, the fruit of my wife for the sin of my soul? 


He has told you, man, what is good;  and what does Jehovah demand of you but to do justice and love friendliness and walk sanely with your God?


About M.E. In The 21st Century

At time of writing, I live in Oz, am a 61 y o grandmother, have had M.E. for about 33 years along with Fibromyalgia and Bilateral Tenosynovitis, among other health problems. The blog isn't really about me. Sure some of it will be, but mostly it's about M.E. and how it affects people who have it, and the ways M.E. patients are treated (or not treated) by the medical profession, allied health industry, disability groups, and their families & friends. There will be other subjects commented upon too. I really cannot, refuse to, concentrate on just one area of interest to the exclusion of everything else. I intend to update this info later.

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