A Sticky Situation


What is it about marmalade that no matter how hard I try, or how careful I am, I always ALWAYS end up with sticky fingers?

It doesn’t ALWAYS happen with jam or honey or any other spread…only marmalade.

I mean, I can sit in an armchair, or even in bed, munching on toast or biscuits or whatever and manage not to drop so much as a single crumb.  (Well, some of the time anyhow)  And the toast can be just about dripping with jam or honey…and yes, sure, sometimes my fingers will end up sticky…or honey dripping down my forearm…but not EVERY SINGLE TIME.

But with marmalade it’s guaranteed.  It’s not only once the icky sticky stuff is on the toast.  Just opening the jar…my fingers get sticky, then getting it out of the jar and onto the toast…fingers, hands, sometimes my toes as it falls off the knife.  I’ve even managed to end up with marmalade down my front simply by carrying the plate of toast & gooey stuff across the room. I haven’t actually tasted the stuff yet and I’ve washed my hands a dozen times in a futile effort to prevent it spreading to the rest of the kitchen.  And if I persuade someone else to put it on the toast for me, THEY end up having to wash their hands too…AND the kitchen bench-top.

Then of course, eating the toast and during that moment when there’s the slightest lapse of concentration,  glop! it jumps off the bread and onto my fingers.  Guaranteed!

Like I said, this doesn’t happen with any other type of spread…not every single time.  Only with marmalade.

Everyone else I’ve discussed this with has the same problem.  Most readily admit to always ending up with sticky marmalade fingers, hands, dressing-gowns, pyjamas, slippers.  Every occasion marmalade is on the menu, sure enough…sticky fingers!   Doesn’t matter how careful they are.

Some try to pretend it doesn’t happen to them, yet they avoid meeting your eye and you just KNOW they are hoping no one finds out they too are made to suffer the social faux pas of icky sticky fingers.  And if challenged they are sure to end up sneaking off to the bathroom hoping no one will notice.

So what is it about marmalade?  What gives it this unique very special ability to render anyone & everyone in close proximity sticky? 

Surely with the abundance of scientific studies floating around the planet…surely there must be at least one where the researchers,  have sought to solve the whys and wherefores of marmalade stickiness.  Surely there is, somewhere, a proper double blind study with the resulting peer-reviewed published paper with pages glued together with marmalade.  Surely.


Oh bugger…now I’ve got it in my hair!!!

From Aldi’s, I brought a jar of “English-Style Grapefruit Marmalade”

When I went to open it at home I read “Made in Germany” on the label.

For a Gerry try it’s not too bad…

… not too much sugar or added preservation … other than pectin …

not enough grapefruit tang…


almost but not quite English Marmalade…



About M.E. In The 21st Century

At time of writing, I live in Oz, am a 61 y o grandmother, have had M.E. for about 33 years along with Fibromyalgia and Bilateral Tenosynovitis, among other health problems. The blog isn't really about me. Sure some of it will be, but mostly it's about M.E. and how it affects people who have it, and the ways M.E. patients are treated (or not treated) by the medical profession, allied health industry, disability groups, and their families & friends. There will be other subjects commented upon too. I really cannot, refuse to, concentrate on just one area of interest to the exclusion of everything else. I intend to update this info later.

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