May Day…tho it’s night here/now…Dancing Around The Maypole!


The plumber came today & changed the old kitchen taps.  Mal put in new ceramic-seal taps; like the ones his mum has–and she has bad arthitic hands.  And they’re great…so easy, a light touch…no pressure on my hands/wrists, no hurties for hours & days afterusing them.

In the bathroom there’s new taps over the basin & new washers for the shower taps…yay at last!  no more agony from worndown “needs more pressure on already sore fingers”” washers.

I watched Dr Who tonight…the last in the series with Amy & Rory, where he marries RiverSong. Quite a powerful episode … thoroughly enjoyed, loved it that the theorectical physics WORKS  in the scenario…am looking forward to the next series … where the link to Time Lords & Gallafrey.  And if married then the Doctor & Melody Pond surely must produce a child…& how would a child time/space riders turn out???

It’s supposed to be raining & maybe sleeting according to the weatherperson…yet outside the moon is bright & the twinkling Southern Cross, so clear it’s just out of reach.\ .  it’s lovely out light light breeze but quite cold. Sometimes it’s good when the weatherman (& he is a man) gets it wrong….again.

later…it did rain… soft soaking Vic sleet in flurries but gently…and it’s cold. 

I spent most of the morning sleeping under blankets.

Lots of pain so it was a broken sleep but still feel better for it.

And that’s fine.

I ‘ve been up & about …not much tis true…patted the neighbour’s cat (we’re still making friends)

A lazy day.

About M.E. In The 21st Century

At time of writing, I live in Oz, am a 61 y o grandmother, have had M.E. for about 33 years along with Fibromyalgia and Bilateral Tenosynovitis, among other health problems. The blog isn't really about me. Sure some of it will be, but mostly it's about M.E. and how it affects people who have it, and the ways M.E. patients are treated (or not treated) by the medical profession, allied health industry, disability groups, and their families & friends. There will be other subjects commented upon too. I really cannot, refuse to, concentrate on just one area of interest to the exclusion of everything else. I intend to update this info later.

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  1. I saw your reference to the Southern Cross. In case you haven’t come across it before, here’s a great M.E. information website that was set up by an Australian pwME – it is very good. Keep making friends with the cat :0)


  2. I know & love Jodi thru her yahoo group…the link is on hummingbirds site.
    Thanks for that.
    He is a neighbour’s cat…not sure who yet. He’s black & looks like a small panther…soft velvet fur & long tail. He used to run away at the sight of me …but gradually he’s figured I’m not going to hurt him and is just starting to let me stroke him 🙂


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